New lease of life for the traditional signs of the Howardian Hills

Jun 24, 2024 | News, News - Featured

For decades they have welcomed travellers and pointed the way to some of England’s most idyllic villages. Now the much-loved traditional black and white direction signs and village nameplates of the Howardian Hills National Landscape are being given some tender loving care.

Volunteers with the Howardian Hills hit the road and surveyed 40 traditional style direction signs across 47 villages and hamlets and reported on the condition of 103 village nameplates. A few of those inspected were relatively modern part-plastic replacements, whilst some of the older ones had corroded, been bent, or faded badly.

This survey work has been of great use to the on-going refurbishment programme for these features, and locations to benefit recently have included Brandsby, Hovingham, Oulston, Stonegrave, Sproxton, and Whenby.  The signs are made of cast-iron and extremely heavy – repair or replacement of them is carried out by skilled craft workers in Staithes and they are faithful to the original classic design. Since the programme began 69 village nameplates, many on stone plinths or millstones, have been restored or upgraded. The work is being funded by the Howardian Hills Partnership in conjunction with local communities.

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