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From July 2021 there are two grant schemes offered by the Howardian Hills National Landscape: the Howardian Hills Project Fund and the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme.

Howardian Hills Project Fund

The Joint Advisory Committee has an annual budget to assist with the implementation of the Management Plan and it targets these resources at the Plan’s Priority Sites and Objectives. Assistance is discretionary and projects will only be assisted if they are unable to receive sufficient grant from another source, e.g. Countryside Stewardship, Farming in Protected Landscapes programme, National Lottery, etc. Advice is available from the National Landscape unit and North Yorkshire Council officers to enable applicants to submit high quality applications to these other grant schemes if applicable.

Funding is available to assist with the ongoing management of sites as well as one-off capital schemes. Assistance will normally be in the range of 30-75% of approved costs, but could be up to 100% in certain circumstances. Work may be assisted via either grant aid or direct works organised and funded by the National Landscape unit itself.

Funding is available under three separate themes:

  1. National Landscape Enhancement – Natural Environment
  2. National Landscape Enhancement – Historic Environment
  3. National Landscape Enhancement – Sustainable Development & the Rural Economy (incorporates the former Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)).

For the Natural and Historic Environment themes, a simple 1-page application form applies.

For large or complex projects seeking a Sustainable Development grant we may ask for a second-stage application form to be completed, giving fuller details of the project. Applicants will be advised of this once they have submitted an initial application form and start discussions with National Landscape unit staff.

Grant documentation is available to download below:

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Protected Landscapes – our National Parks and National Landscapes – are special and unique places. They are living, working landscapes that also support a huge range of habitats and species, and they are enjoyed by millions of people every year. By supporting the farmers, land managers and people who live and work in these areas, we can help protect these exceptional places and support local communities.

To help do this, Defra has introduced the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) programme, which will run from July 2021 to March 2025.

Through the programme, farmers and land managers can be supported to carry out projects that support nature recovery, mitigate the impacts of climate change, provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and cultural heritage, or support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses. This is a programme of funding for one-off projects covering these areas of work, not an agri-environment scheme.

Historic Buildings Restoration Grants are also available through the FiPL programme.  These grants are time limited and aimed at conserving pre-WWII farm buildings within their agricultural context. The FiPL Historic Buildings document below sets out guidance notes on the scheme. If you feel you have a project that might qualify for a grant, please contact Nick Burrows, the Howardian Hills FiPL officer at [email protected]

 The programme is part of Defra’s Agricultural Transition Plan. It has been developed by Defra with the support of a group of National Landscape and National Park staff from across the country.


Applying for funding

Before completing the application form, please read the Guidance for Applicants document for more details on eligibility and then contact the Howardian Hills Farming in Protected Landscapes officer to discuss your application.

Please note that the Example Application Form is for information only. A Word version of the Application Form will be provided to you for completion once you have discussed your project with the Farming in Protected Landscapes officer and we have confirmed that it is eligible.

Photo Credit: Header – Landscape near Brandsby by Roger Poyser

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