A milestone for Yorkshire’s nature

Jul 10, 2024 | News, News - Featured

The first ever region-wide State of Yorkshire’s Nature report, published by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, has analysed data and information on Yorkshire’s wildlife.

It gives an accurate insight into how Yorkshire’s nature is faring – and, crucially where action is now needed to create healthier, resilient, and more abundant landscapes.

We are losing the species that make Yorkshire special – including curlews and swifts – and action is needed now to restore a richer biodiversity and reverse nature’s decline before it is too late.

Yorkshire is amazingly diverse, and a crucial haven for declining British wildlife like puffins, wild orchids, and tree sparrows. But action is needed now to maintain this diversity and our natural heritage.

The report is vital for anyone with a role in caring for Yorkshire’s nature – councils, landowners, and policy makers – and gives us a sense of hope for nature’s future survival.

State of Yorkshire’s Nature | Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (ywt.org.uk)



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