Guidance and Information Notes

This area of the website contains information documents on a variety of subjects relevant to the AONB, together with links to other websites or potential sources of information.

It is updated when new documents become available but if you require further details about any of the subjects, or about subjects not covered by any of the documents, then please contact us.

Information Notes and Guidance documents

Oil & Gas

Useful presentations – IGas/Environment Agency/Urbanvision (April 2014);  Hampshire County Council FAQs document (April 2014)

AONB Information Note 1 (September 2014)

AONB Information Note 2 (October 2015)

KM8 – the Howardian Hills AONB perspective (November 2015)

Response to DECC Surface Development Restrictions consultation (December 2015)

Design Guidance

New Agricultural Buildings & Infrastructure


New hedgerow planting

Hedgerow management

Hedge spiral removal guidance

Example hedge spiral removal task record


**IMPORTANT** Larch disease Phytophthora ramorum poses a potentially significant threat to trees in the AONB. After walking or mountain biking in woods you can help prevent the potential spread of disease by washing mud from boots and bike tyres and shaking pine needles off clothing. See the Forestry Commission website for more details on biosecurity precautions.

Useful links to information about plastic tree protection:

Link to the Forestry Commission tree shelters guide and information on waste responsibilities.

The Woodland Trust website has useful information about plastic tree guards, their use and research into alternatives.

Link to Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust publication ‘Plastic Tree Tubes: Who needs them?’

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service has produced an article on Innovation in tree shelters.

Road verges

Verge management for wildflowers

The work of the Joint Advisory Committee and AONB Team, and responses to development control consultations, is guided by the AONB Management Plan, which can be found by clicking here.

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