Management Plan and Work Programme

The Management Plan principally deals with land management, development and community issues and is a series of practical objectives to guide the AONB into the future. It encourages positive action to look after the landscape, wildlife and historical/cultural heritage of the AONB, whilst also encouraging a healthy rural economy. In addition it encourages people to enjoy the area and to solve problems where conflicts may occur.

The Management Plan does not indicate where development should or shouldn’t be sited. This is dealt with by national planning policy guidance and the various Local Plans prepared by the relevant Local Authorities. These are the main documents that guide planning decisions in the AONB, although the Adopted AONB Management Plan is a ‘material consideration’.

The Plan is prepared on behalf of the three Local Authorities by the AONB Joint Advisory Committee, which represents farming, conservation, community, recreation and Local Authority interests. The Committee also acts as a focus for putting the Plan into action.

Each 5-year Management Plan covers the topical issues affecting the AONB. It sets out recommendations and makes a number of proposals for action. The 2019-24 Plan was prepared during 2018 and Adopted in March 2019.

The current 2019-24 Management Plan and supplementary documents, together with previous Plans, are available in the Library section of the website by clicking here.

As an adjunct to the Plan, a number of Information Notes and Guidance documents have been produced, covering some of the topics we are most regularly asked questions about. These can be found in the Library section of the website by clicking here.

The Management Plan is implemented via an Annual Action Programme, which is updated and approved each year by the Joint Advisory Committee. This is the Action Programme 2021/22. The completed Action Programme 2020/21 is also available.


AONB Management Plan review – March 2019

By law, the Management Plan must be reviewed every five years. The last review process is now complete and the 2019-24 Management Plan and associated documents can be found in the Library section of the website. A schedule of all the comments submitted on the Draft Plan, and the amendments made as a result, can be viewed here.

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